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Sexy Vampire Halloween Costume

Vampire Halloween costumes are a classic choice but the reason for that is because vampires really scream Halloween. There are so many different vampire looks you can lend to Halloween costume which means you could go as a different sort of vamipre every year and still look like you have a unique Halloween costume.

This Halloween makeup tutorial video, shows us how to do the makeup for a really great looking sexy vampire Halloween costume. Once you have finished putting on this makeup you will be the sexiest vampire around and surely be able to tempt any mere mortal man to let you nibble on their neck.

The makeup artist that does this sexy vampire Halloween costume tutorial, does a great job of taking us step by step through what is needed to get this look.

She even takes into consideration the dark lighting that goes along with Halloween night and does the makeup so that you will stand out as the sexy vamipre even in the dark. Which really does make sense since there aren't that many vamipres that like sunlight!




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