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Scarecrow Halloween Costume

Now this is one clever homemade Halloween costume idea! If you don't have a whole lot of money to spend on your costume this year but you still want to be spooky then take a look at what this man does with just an old pair of jeans and some fabric dye.

All he does is dye the old jeans with cheap orange fabric dye and then cut them up and at the end he has a really spooky looking scarecrow costume. This certainly isn't the Wizard Of Oz scarecrow costume. Instead, it is the kind that might be a bit scary to any young kids tagging along on Halloween night. Heck, it might even spook a few adults. Which, if we are honest, is all part of the fun of a Halloween costume.

It is even more fun when you know your homemade Halloween costume cost you next to nothing to make . Think of all that extra money to spend on candy!


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