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Plus Size Men's Halloween Costumes

Fantastic Halloween Costumes For Plus Sized Men

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Our Favorite Plus Sized Men's Halloween Costume:

Universal Studios Monsters  Frankenstein Plus  Adult

Universal Studios Monsters Frankenstein Plus Adult

The most famous monster of all times!


Cost: $45.99


Pirate Plus Size  Adult

Pirate Plus Size Adult

Cost: $32.99


Circus Clown Plus  Adult

Circus Clown Plus Adult

Cost: $33.99


Hippie Man Plus  Adult

Hippie Man Plus Adult

Cost: $35.99


Monk Plus  Adult

Monk Plus Adult

Cost: $27.99

Grim Reaper Plus  Adult

Grim Reaper Plus Adult

Cost: $24.99


Ninja Plus  Adult

Ninja Plus Adult

Cost: $31.99