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Old Lady Halloween Costume

Regardless of your actual age, you can always do a quick last minute Halloween costume by making yourself look older. The old lady Halloween costume has been around for as long as Halloween itself but that is because of it being such a good standby.

This Halloween makeup tutorial video shows how to transform yourself into a great old lady Halloween costume for the night. The video makes it very easy to age yourself up to form the base of your old lady Halloween costume.

The woman doing the makeup tutorial doesn't even use any especially hard to get makeup which is great because it means that your old lady Halloween costume isn't going to cost you much either.

Once you have your old lady makeup down then all you need to complete the look is some old lady clothing. You can either borrow some clothing - try not to be insulting when you make your request - from a grand mother or you can go to the thrift shop and buy up some clothing for next to no money.

A great way to do a last minute old lady Halloween costume without having to lay down your credit card or do overly complicated Halloween makeup.


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