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Marshmallow Ghosts and Ghouls Halloween Recipe

We can all thank a young British chef for this fun and easy Halloween recipe. These marshmallow ghosts and ghouls look really cute and tasty and you know that both kids and parents will love nibbling on these.

You don't need very many ingredients at all to make these spooky treats and it is such an easy Halloween recipe that you can even put the younger folks in the house to work on these while you work on the more complicated dishes for your Halloween party.

In fact, having a bit of a kid's uneven touch to the marshmallow ghosts and ghouls would probably make this easy Halloween recipe look even more fun then if they were pefectly painted.

After all, this is the sort of recipe for Halloween that is all about kids and the way that kids see the holiday. Not that it will stop the grown ups wanting to have a taste!



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