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Joker Halloween Costume

One of the most popular cinema vilians of recent time has to be Heath Ledger version of The Joker from the new Batman movies. So, of course the Joker Halloween costume has also become a popular choice and particuarly so for men and teenage boys.

The best thing about picking the Joker costume as your Halloween costume is that the most important aspect of Heath Ledger's Joker costume is the makeup. So, while you can go and buy an expensive Joker mask from the store, you can also do it all at home and save your budget. Once you have the Joker makeup down right, the rest of the costume comes very easily from a waistcoat and slacks. Really, if you have the Joker makeup you can more or less wear whatever you want and people are going to know you are going for the Joker Halloween costume look.

Doing the Joker makeup doesn't have to be super hard or expensive either. Take a look at these Joker makeup tutorial videos where a teenage boy shows us all how to do a budget Joker costume. Now, you know if he can do it - and he does a great job with his Joker makeup - than so can you. It cost him under $15 to put together his budget Joker Halloween costume and he even tells you what products her bought to get the look.



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