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Flapper Halloween Costume

Some looks are so good that they last through the ages and long past their prime. The 1920's flapper girl look is one of those timeless looks. Which is why it only makes sense that so many women select a flapper Halloween costume as their choice of costume year after year.

Possibly the most important part of getting flapper Halloween costume right is the flapper makeup. This is an excellent makeup tutorial video that takes us step by step how to create the 1920's flapper look.

She starts the flapper makeup tutorial to show you how to create the right eyebrow look for the flapper Halloween costume without actually having to pluck and draw in your eyebrows. For sure, that is a relief to any woman that doesn't want to go that far for her flapper Halloween costume.

Then, this very talented makeup artist, shows how to do the stunning eye makeup and lipstick that is essential for putting together an outstanding flapper Halloween costume that will make you the star of any Halloween party.



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