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Female Pirate Halloween Costume

If you have a pair of old leather pants and a white work shirt than you can make yourself a homemade female pirate Halloween costume. Not only will you feel great for having created your own unique homemade Halloween costume but it will cost you a ton less than a store bought pirate costume for Halloween.

You do need to have some sewing knowledge - or know somebody who does and will do the work for you - but you certainly don't have to be a professional seamstress. Just let your imagination run wild as you put together your female pirate costume and there simply won't be anybody else at your Halloween party dressed the same.

You could also use this basic tutorial video on making your own pirate Halloween costume as a jumping off point. Once you have the female pirate costume down then you can always add a bit of zombie makeup and suddenly you are a zombie pirate, for example. That is the great thing about a Halloween costume. The only limits are where your imagination ends.



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