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Bloody Finger Cookies Halloween Recipe

Halloween recipes are great fun for letting yourself find new ways of using common ingredients. These bloody finger cookies, for example, start out with a regular package of refrigerated cookie dough.

Then instead of cutting them out into a normal cookie shape, you roll them to look more like a finger. Add in some honey roasted almonds and some decorating gel and you have yourself a super easy Halloween recipe that will be gobbled up on the night.

Something you have to love about this easy Halloween recipe that it is one of those where your kids can get involved in the cooking. Just put them in charge of rolling the cookie dough between their hands to make the fingers and they are suddenly both having fun but also helping you get ready for the Halloween party. Plus, with more than one person making the finger cookies the more variety you will get in the shapes and sizes of the fingers.

This really is an easy Halloween recipe that can involve the whole family both in the cooking and the eating!



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