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Men's 1950's Halloween Costume

It does have to be said that the teenage boy used as the model in this Halloween costume tutorial doesn't exactly look thrilled to be taking part. That aside, this is a nice tutorial on how to put together a quick and easy homemade 1950's style Halloween costume for men.

Not only does the woman teach you how to make one men's Halloween costume but she actually shows how to make two. She demonstrates how to put together both a preppy 1950's style Halloween costume for men and also a greaser type Halloween costume too.

Putting together this homemade Halloween costume really comes down to just picking out the right items from your own wardrobe or maybe even raiding the local thrift or charity shop for a few period looking items. After you have put together the clothing for this men's 1950 Halloween costume it then comes down to the hair.

The woman doing this Halloween costume tutorial clearly has a background in hairstyling. Which means, that she very clearly steps you through getting the perfect hair for both 1950's Halloween costumes.



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